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CROOKED CREEK, MISSISSIPPI: While traveling through a small town in Mississippi, Jessie’s life is suddenly turned upside down from the disappearance of a white girl. Little did he know that his stop at the diner to get a bit to eat would eventually wind him up in prison. The present twist and the past of years ago worked together to enrich the story and feed the mystery of a haunting past of a retired lawyer who takes Jessie’s case to find the truth and uncover more hidden secrets. GAVEL: Revenge can be sweet, but at the same time it can cost you all that you have. A man’s daughter is murdered and her daddy takes out to get even with the justice system of Atlanta only to find a devastation playback on influential people. Not only did his revenge cost him in the end but cost his victim more than they are willing to pay. His payback was quick and sweet with a bang. The fireworks lit the city skies up and at the same time he brought justice for his daughter’s death. SWEETWATER CREEK, KENTUCKY: Just another typical day in Sweetwater as two children thought as they left home to go to the store. While on their way they decide to take a shortcut down by the springhouse. But on their way back their lives would never be the same. Hidden in the springhouse and afraid for their lives, the two children witness a murder. As the story unravels, the little black girl is to testify against three white boys. This puts their family in danger. The word of a jailbreak keeps everyone on alert. But in the courtroom some unseen secrets are brought to the surface to bring the story into a surprise end. FORGET-ME-NOTS: Innocent childhood love enlightens a road of danger. Two childhood sweethearts get locked together into and adventure that will eventually lead their lives in a way they never thought of. Forget-me-nots were her favorite. They once covered the field of their special place when they were children. But in the end only a few flowers are left, spread here and there and she is gone. APARTMENT 1-C: In life, love can be good and season your life out in so many happy ways. But, to love can hurt and drive you into ways you never would dream of. War was going on in Europe. A stopover in a small town finds two lonely people looking for their life’s adventure. While on furlough they met and their love became instant, a time that will be remembered for the rest of their life. But, war and time away from each other soon fades out that unforgettable moment and soon love is but a memory of long ago. She spent the rest of her life as a recluse, shut off from the rest of the world. But through the years she held her love for him deep and true within her heart only to die alone and take her memories with her.

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