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DARK HOLLOW CREEK/RETURN TO DARK HOLLOW CREEKThe surprising twists of the story come alive when a bus load of strangers are stranded in a snow storm and take lodge in an abandoned inn. While there, their lives begin to unravel as the storms moves on. The strangers intertwine with their own problems touching the lives of the others which create a surprising finish in their snowbound prison. Finally, they are set free and are on their way to go on with their lives. But, they have made a vow to each other to return to Dark Hollow in ten years for a reunion.FALSE WITNESSA judge picks up a prostitute hitchhiking in Mississippi. He had killed his wife and has her in the trunk of the car. He hires the prostitute to be a false witness to cover up his wife’s murder. The judge has everything worked out with his money and influence. All the prostitute has do is lie. Will it work? He seems to think so. What about you? All she has to do is just lie.DOUBLE TROUBLEWhen Tommy has an affair with another woman and she ends up pregnant, his wife Kimberly is haunted by his infidelity which later on leads to divorce. Revenge may seem sweet at times, but it can be bitter. When Tommy finds out that Kimberly is going to inherit some big money, he doesn’t want a share he wants it all. He then creates a plan to have her stalked, scared and murdered if that what it takes. He hires a set of twins to get the job done. (Double Trouble), do I need to say anymore. In the end, you will find an impressive conclusion which may be rewarding.ON THE CORNER OF PERRY STREETOn the Corner of Perry Street is a little different type of story. On the corner of Perry Street is a bus stop. Throughout the story, all different kinds of people catch the bus there. The bus stop is the only one in town and it is headed out of town. The bus riders who come that way have a lot to say as they wait for the bus.BRIDGE OVER MCKINLEY COUNTY RIVERA young couple and a child’s life are determined on the McKinley Bridge. Their lives will be changed forever by a man with a jealous rage and a lot of anger in his heart. Lives are turned around and changed forever through an incident that just happened. We all have done wrong. We all pay for our wrongs, but it is sad to say innocent players will suffer. Whether we know or believe it, our lives touch the lives of others sometimes without us knowing it.

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