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Who was Coop before he was The Hitchhiker? Was he always confident that his ability was a gift? When did he let his parents in on the secret? How did they respond?Before Coop became The Hitchhiker, he was a normal boy, with a dark secret. He carried the weight of a curse with him constantly. Whenever someone touched him, their thoughts and emotions flooded his mind. The fear of being thought of as crazy by ones own parents can be traumatizing! However, God had something great in store for this young man. Not a curse, but a gift..This short story covers two different instances. It goes back in time, to eight year old Coop, before his parents knew about his mind reading ability. As well as simultaneously showing him as an adult and confront his parents about using his gift for Gods kingdom.The tale shows Coop change from thinking of his ability as a curse to being ready to see how God will use it for good. It is a short glimpse at Coop before he became The Hitchhiker.

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