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# 85,000 words in total. HILLBILLY KILLER "Killer blackens the eye of hillbillies everywhere in a chainsaw bloodbath for the dark at heart." SPRING BREAK BLOODBATH "Beautiful women beware, the killer is here and he has beach shorts. Death stalks Spring Break." FIREWORKS "The touching story of Ed and Nick and the fate of their little fireworks factory in a small farming community that needs a little bit of joy." MAD SCIENTIST VS. TRIBE "Ed. T vs. Eva. Villian vs. Hero. The prehistoric world won't know what hit it!" DRIVING MAJOR TEMPLE "Frank is back in action and this time he's driving the major. Unfortunately, the major is a one man killing machine and Frank's caught in the fire fight of his life because of it." BOMB SQUAD "Demotion sucks. Frank's on the bomb squad and the terrorists are back for round #2" SHOWDOWN "Jen is down and Frank is going to have to make a big sacrifice if he wants to save his friends." PERFECT SHOT "Jack and Sam, WW2 snipers, are tasked to take out a scientist with the power to change the war efforts direction. Can they get their man?" INSIDE JOB "Jack and Sam are still in Germany and this time a general must die. However, this one is going to have to be an inside job." SECRETS "Monk is in for some life changing revelations in this 3rd volume of his fight for revenge." THE NINJA GOD "Kreal seeks the return of his powers. However, something dark awaits him in his search. Can he survive what fate has set out for him?" ROCK NINJA ATTACK "Myth is free and Kreal finds himself the target of the gods anger." NINJA DOMINATION "Ko is back from the dead and he's under Myth's control. Can Kreal save his friend?" THE DARK MINES "Murk finds a short cut. Unfortunately, the shortcut's residents want to eat him. Can he escape?" WATER SPIRITS "Saved my a mermaid/mage, Murk seeks a way out of the Madlands, but finds much more." ODDITY’S STORY "The back story of Sin's one time worker and partner in all its gruesome detail." VAMPIRE MYSTERY "Sin has a job for the Chain of Peace, but there is more to what is going on than there seems. Can Sin find the answers he needs?" LOVE AND SIN "Love can't love. Actually, he can only hate and he hates one thing more than anything else: Sin." DEATH OF SIN "Sin fights for his world as Love takes the fight to the ropes." CLUB KILL "The Sinner takes on the mafia during his collection rounds." AREA 51 "Sinner vs. Army. Can the foolish humans defeat the devil man?" FIGHT TO THE DEATH "A challenger is here and the Sinner is eager to kill it." ASSASSIN "Sean is back in Spy 4 to continue his war on the X-Project and uncover their secrets." AID AGENCY SWINDLE "Tank is on the job and needs to free a mine full of slaves. However, the mine is guarded by Steel and his mercenaries. Can Tank beat his rival?" LA BRAWL "Mike is in trouble and Tank and the team need to get him out of it before the 100s of gangsters manage to kill him." KIDNAPPED "Jen is kidnapped and Tank must travel to Rio to take on the CIA." TANK UPGRADED "Jen searches for Tank in Paris with disastrous results." DIE TANK DIE "Ex-President Thompson wants Tank's secrets. Can Tank survive the man's interest?" LONE WOLF "The back story of Michael Olm, the CIA's top player and nemesis to Tank." ASSASSINATION "Tank and the team must kill the UN President before he unites the countries. Can Tank make it in time?" LEFT BEHIND "Quest 1: A promotional story for the quest series."

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    • Ano de Edição: 2011
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001121548585
    • ISBN:  9781465700209

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