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What would you do to bring hope to your dying son or daughter afflicted with leukemia? Would you permit your son or daughter to experience life while facing their expected death? Emily was twelve when diagnosed with leukemia. She met seventeen year old Jeremy who would become her anchor to give her strength when she was weak; to give her hope when she felt all was lost; and to give her unqualified love and support to hold onto when she was lost, frightened or simply unable to do for herself. Emily wanted to experience life before she faced her own death. Emilys mother reluctantly allowed her to secretly marry Jeremy before God and in her presence since underage marriage was forbidden by society. Emilys story was told in the book titled Emily. Emily brought hope to young cancer patients who simply want to experience life before facing their probable death. This book chronicles Emily and Jeremys fight to change the rules and allow qualifying sick children to marry and experience life before facing death. Emily states, Is that really so much to ask? Child Welfare says, Yes it is. Underage girls can marry if they are pregnant, but underage sick and dying children should never be permitted to marry unless the cancer patient gets pregnant. See who prevails in this battle to bring life and dignity to young cancer patients who just want to live, even if living is but a moment in time.

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