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John Aalborgs distinctive and poignant short story collection illuminates the volatility of the human character in six different shades of good and evil. Literary pulp fiction!"Mortons Fork Crossing" — Bull Schaffner, Aalborgs signature, wannabe private investigator, finds himself in a community of backwater Florida misfits. While working to locate a stolen 18-wheeler he falls in love with the missing drivers girlfriend only to discover that his choices for the future are typically limited."Giorgio Possum" — An old man misses the young wife he treated badly."Passions Perch" — Young love powered by imagination, a classic American car, and parental guidance fueled by alcohol."Furby Mountain Florida" — On the day after he receives seriously bad news, a truck driver is invited to ride along with a garbage hauler who wants to take the mans mind off his troubles and see life in a different way. A hungry little Furby does his sweet part."Exile" — The quest by a 14-year-old illegal and his sister to solve the mystery surrounding the middle-aged American who is trying to befriend them."Bible School Tattoo" — A seasoned tattoo artist and his beautiful but atheist nurse/wife ink a Christian girl.

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