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# Content: - Hired (3,000 word story) - Downgraded (3,000 word story) - Driving Major Temple (3,000 word story) - Bomb Squad (3,000 word story) - Tank Nuclear (Tank #1 [Promotional Story]) - Word Count:13,500 Words - Page Count: 73 Standard Book Pages ***** # Hired (Hired Action Thriller Series #1) You’re hired! Everyone single soldier in Iraq knows the stats: You have a 65% chance of dying on your 29th day. Today is Frank's 29th and he's shit scared. Sent out to the bad side of Bagdhad, Frank's counting bodies as usual with his fat partner Chase when things turn sour. The terrorists have come to visit and they are taking no prisoners. This book is a run through the back alleys of Bagdhad with all out action throughout. Frank is one tough SOB, but can he live through his 29th day to the safety of day 30? Find out inside! ***** # Downgraded (Hired Action Thriller Series #2) Frank is happily enjoying his life as a desk jockey in Iraq after nearly been killed on his last job out in the wide world. Unfortunately, the US Army steps in to break up his blissful new life. Frank is forced to become the command’s pick up man and his first day on the job nearly gets him killed. This is another hilarious romp through the crazy war experiences of the self confessed laziest soldier in the army Frank Marks. ***** # Driving Major Temple (Hired Action Thriller Series #3) Frank is back with his biggest challenge yet: Driving Major Temple, a hard boiled army officer. Frank must fight for his life as the Major drags him from nightmarish event to event in his own personal war on pornography and prostitution in the military ranks. From scene to scene the battle escalates to the point where Frank and the Major end up taking on an underground Marine run prostitution ring in one of Bagdhad's worst areas. Is the Major hard boiled enough to survive? Can Frank skim through this without serious injury or death? It's another major story from Frank's action packed life in Iraq. ***** # Bomb Squad (Hired Action Thriller Series #4) Frank's first day on the job is not going well. With four insane co-workers and being demoted to the bomb squad as 'punishment', his life is definitely taking a turn for the worse. However, this is one day on the job that Frank is never going to forget. The terrorists are back and this time they want him dead. There's also a field full of unexploded ammunition and a village of angry Iraqis to deal with. Life was never so hard for Frank. Can Frank survive this encounter? Will he be able to save the lives of his comrades, or will they perish in a storm of blood and bullets? Download to find out. ***** # Other Titles In This Series: - Hired (Hired #1) a.k.a Body Counter - Hired 2: Downgraded (Hired #2) - Body Counter and Downgraded (Combined Story Pack) - Driving Major Temple (Hired #3) - Bomb Squad (Hired #4) - Driving Major Temple and Bomb Squad (Combined Story Pack) - Hired: The Collection (Stories 1-4) - Showdown (Hired #5)

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