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‘Of Dust and Decades’“At first, his tension takes the form of feet not inclined to move forward. It becomes a stiffness that infects the calves, which in turn, tightens the quadriceps. The spine turns into a motorway, the electrical signals of a scared child travelling one way and the body’s autonomic responses, telling of cold sweats and increasing heart rate, going the other. Expectation of a monster is speeding along the fast-lane, out-pacing everything else.”Ten stories that burrow into the recesses and remind us that without the rose-tinted glasses, the world stills harbours its own dark secrets.From the eulogy that is ‘Curtains’, to the top of Swindon’s tallest building, in ‘A Good Day’. From the serial killer of ‘Face’, to the future of the manufacturing industry, in ‘Union’.‘Of Dust and Decades’ will take the reader into some of the more shadowy corners of life. The corners where dreams end and nightmares begin.If you like reading of places and worlds beyond the “normal” plane of existence, this anthology could be for you.Just keep your eyes open and don’t bring a gun.Otherwise, bad things might happen…

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