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Stories in the collection:1) Future Imperfect (Science Fiction)The Other Gods - A search engine becomes sentient and contemplates its survival.The Eternal City - Corporate espionage agents find themselves the victims of a government eradication program.Morality Play - A mental health professional and a senator discuss the integration of human clones into the general populace, after they revolted against their treatment at a laboratory.A Fatal Moment - A materials engineer ponders the disease that took her family from her, while leaving her alive and scarred.The Poet - An alien poet must seek refuge among the victims of his own race.2)A Touch ParanormalThe Curse Breaker - A woman takes a cursed artifact to save her cousins life.Breaking with the Past - A ghost must comes to terms with past, after being given a new life.The Hunter Sees - A woman stalked by a supernatural serial killer, relies on the help of a blind man.Dust Motes and Ashes - When fantasy becomes reality and vise versa, how do you adjust?May They Whisper No More - A former queen is haunted by the ghosts of the people she once ruled.The Jar - Whatever happened to the vessel that inspired the myth of Pandoras Box?3) The World of HavorThe Color Walk - A young woman finds out that shes something unusual among her people.A Gift in Kind - Sequel to The Color Walk. The same young woman meets a foreigner who shares the same experience of being unique among his own kind.If Mad I Be - A lesser mage seeks help for his mental illness.Scarletts Lot - A wizardess becomes the protector of a young witch, with prophetic consequences.The Rose Duchess - A duke worries about his wifes safety, while their country is at war.What Child is This? - A young boy, rescued from the sea, shows amazing power.4) Bibically InspiredThe Destroyer - Passover from the Destroying Angels point of view.Hannahs Dinner - A story dealing with priorities, set in the New Testament.The Inn Keepers Wife - What do you do when your inn has no room for a woman about to give birth?5) Random Romantic JauntsThe Madness of Sir George - An anti-romance story of a widow being courted by a man, who only wants her fortune and title.The Lunch Date - Who says that romance is only for the young?Almost Perfect - After some disastrous relationships and hundreds of years, Merlin believes that he has finally figured marriage out.Suitors of the Seamstress - A seamstress has to make the traditions of her land work in her favor.A Ladys Wishes - Sometimes the reason for someones objections are not that obvious.6) Story PoemsThe Rain Goddess - A goddess deals with the pain of what cannot be.The Hermit and the Magician - A ballad of two friends.The Devils Game - Destiny is not so destined.The Apprentice - Learning to create requires understanding destruction.Stone Angel - Some witnesses are not so passive and retiring.Remi and Soma - Based on the transliteration of a very old piece of literature, provided as a challenge to the author.EPIC – PART ONE – Sorcery and SmokeA sorcerer betrays his lord to protect the lady of the castle.EPIC – PART TWO – Lady in the MistA lady finds herself trapped in a misty valley.EPIC – PART THREE – The Foot Soldiers TaleA soldier and his army lose their leader to mystical forces.EPIC – PART FOUR – Victors LossA conqueror searches to reclaim his hearts desire.

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