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Semesters is a novel that consists of three short stories. This is the follow up to Paul Laskas first novel Four Years. In fact, this novel consists of material that was left out of Four Years. In this collection, Laska examines the pleasures and pressures of student life that make adolescents into adults. I wrote this novel because of my love of college life at Penn State University. This is a book that any college alumni can relate to and relive their glory days. In Teachers Pet, Eric Ross is an inexperienced undergraduate who studies Economics under a very attractive professor. What starts off as a semester of dry lectures on the dismal science quickly takes Eric down a path of temptation and personal betrayal that forces him to make some hard choices. In Frat Attack, freshmen Tony, Larry, Mike, and Fred decide to join a fraternity. Under a scrutinizing haze, the pledges suffer through hell, and try not to let the fraternity devils get the best of them. In Lust and Lies, Kurt Bowman learns how elusive love and friendship can be on campus.

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