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Kate finds alcoholism to be the only way she can deal with the heartbreak and loneliness of being the sole caregiver for her father, an elderly Alzheimer's patient. Her wishes, dreams, and fears all seem to collide during a snowstorm one night; will it change her heart? (The Gift) David, the detached alternative-school teacher, has failed at life and is at the end of his rope. Will a chance reconnection with a childhood girlfriend through text messages during a snowstorm one night pull him back from the brink? (Text) Jack, a power-drunk lawyer, is about to experience the karmic consequences of his immoral choices when a snowstorm hits his D.C. area office. (Snow) Ted has just lost his childhood best friend to a drug overdose a semester into his freshman year of college. Is there a connection between this tragic event and the seemingly supernatural experiences he's having during his first snowy winter in his 200-year-old Virginia apartment? (Sleepy House) Young Roula is desperate to escape the arranged marriage her orthodox father is forcing on her. On one snowy winter day, the clash between present and past ways of life will have catastrophic consequences. (Honor) A February snowstorm is not the only potentially lethal anomaly that Doug and Dave will confront on their annual javelina hunt in Cotulla, Texas. (The Hunt) Get swept away by "Snow Stories." These eerie tales will stay with you long after the snow has stopped falling.

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