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It doesn’t take long to realize that life is tough. While some people struggle with drug and alcohol addictions, others battle codependency problems and feelings of low self-esteem. Many people feel the pain and loneliness of being separated or estranged from friends and loved ones. Hurting parents who grieve over the poor choices of their grown children know that emotional pain can sometimes be even worse than physical pain. This reality is depicted in my short story, “The Lost Wallet”, which I wrote based on a true life event. Stories That Uplift and Inspire is an anthology of Christian short stories designed to encourage and entertain readers. Although some short stories deal with serious issues, they don’t always have to be deep to convey a message. Humor is another healing tool that can also be used. I wrote my short story, “And Mama Never Found Out”, based on the true story of how my own fun-loving, Southern Baptist mother once snuck out of her house, as a teenager, to go to a dance during the 1930s. It’s my prayer that these stories will minister healing and encouragement to my readers, knowing they’re not alone and that there is always hope found in Jesus Christ.

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