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Summer is that kind of girl that will leave you very curious. Striving through her life with Selective Mutism and other psychological conditions, she dreams about a life where she could be normal. While she strives through the plights of a psychotic introvert, Summer seems comfortable to talk with Aphro on Facebook, who is mysteriously haunting her heart day by day, but as she strides into the outside world, she finds Iris. Her mind keeps oscillating like a mad pendulum between Aphro and Iris, amidst all the struggles she had to face from her past. In the middle of guilt trips, self-harming and fairy tale obsessions, she keeps searching for a dawn after having lost the most precious person of her life. Who is Aphro? Will he be real and passionate enough to come into Summer’s life and love the flaws in her? Why is Iris so closed-up all the time? Is he as mysterious as Summer? Will Iris fall in love with Summer? Read Summer discover the world full of adventures and surprises, finally finding dawn after struggling with all her storms and rains.

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