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B-4John Allen leaves his apartment for a walk to get some cigarettes. Little did he know that night would determine the direction his life would take. Accused of murder, he spends twenty-five years in prison. With the help of a young energetic lawyer right out of law school, his case is reopened. John Allen is set free from a murder he didn’t commit. Or, did he?THE VOYAGE OF DEATHWho in the world would ever imagine a weekend outing, a simple cruise around the Gulf of Mexico, would end in such a tragic way. Three families leave the coast of Florida to relax in the sun and enjoy the gulf, a getaway from it all. But, unaware of what lurked in the bloody waters. Not only is the breeze of the gulf waters fragranced with salt, but also with the stench of death. All seems well at first, but when the storms began to rise, no one could turn back.FERGUSON’S TRESTLE AT SWINDLER’S POINTOllie, a young boy at the time, witnessed the murder of his mother and father. After several years on the run, he returns back home. Strangely enough, when he comes back, murders begin to happen. Is it a coincidence or has the murderer of his parents returned also. As the story unfolds, it leads you to the truth. When the truth is revealed, will it set you free?OTHER SIDE OF NOWHERE (A Parable)The Other Side of Nowhere is a short-short story of the adventures of an old man who goes out from the land of Wuz to seek the other side of nowhere. It is a fun piece, a play on words and entertaining, breaking up the rut of life. Instead of drinking black coffee each day, it’s good to add a little cream and sugar at times. That’s what nowhere is about. Change!THE GARDEN OF THE SEVENTH TRELLISThis is a short-short story with a little different layout of events. A man buys and old antique mirror trellis. When he takes it home, he admires the fine craftsmanship of this piece of furniture. But, he soon finds out that what you see in the mirror may not be you. Is what you see real or not? He may not have gotten a bargain after all.PLEA OF NOT GUILTYJeremiah is a good man, hard worker and dedicated to his family. Unfortunately, one night a murder takes place on his property; he and his family will never be the same. As the story unravels, you find that the KKK is working in the background and protecting their own. Jeremiah is found guilty and sent to prison. Butterfly, his daughter, knows her daddy well and sets out to clear his name from all the lies and mess that has come against him. Butterfly takes on a big job. Can she do it?

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