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James knew he was not entirely secure about Elsie and Mitchell, and he found it exciting. Was his wife still playing the part, or had she turned sincere?James thought Elsie loved him and would do anything he asked, but would she draw the line somewhere? At some number, perhaps? After all, the cliche was true, three was a crowd.***I threw my phone onto bed, satisfied that I had turned it off—and turned the whole business world off for now.At least for the evening.I eyed the small envelope on the dresser, feeling my heart beat picking up pace.It was another of Mitchell's video, and the real reason I had browbeaten my own assistant into giving me a half day off on Friday.My wife Elsie had been gone the whole week, but I knew I would see her on screen soon, flushed and wet under my gardener's youthful masculine body...Mitchell had told me they would have some discreet meetings in town, and I had anticipated illicit scenes, my body already humming with pleasure at the thought of my wife bent into inappropriate positions, moaning and writhing as Mitchell pumped his thickness into her."You must remember how your wife shivered and trembled when things took place in the open, outside. I'm sure you would particularly enjoy the first scene in the video, one where we were in an elevator."I had arranged with the hotel people to have that one car marked Out of Order, so that nobody could get in. But Elsie won't know that."I settled into bed with glee once I loaded the first video. Funny, Mitchell usually just sent one at a time. Perhaps he, too, thought I could use a break or a bonus.Elsie spread and serviced in an elevator definitely was a bonus for me.Hmmm. That dress was a bonus. Jeez, it was short.I watched as Mitchell stepped closer to my wife, crowding her subtly to the corner of the elevator.

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