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The Long Walk which is the title story is about a group of friends who wake up early in the morning to find themselves missing in the large city of Ibadan. Two friends- Lekan and Dejo begin searching for Akin, a friend. And during this time, they discussed and lamented the situations that surrounded their growing up. Lekan is an orphan while Dejo was over-parented. Akin later found them on the street, and the searching called off. Naira Versus Dollar is a story that depicts the situations of a Nigerian family man who had to survive through the economic breakdown of his country. One-Day Away is a story of two young lawyers who live in a comfortable place in Lagos. The decide to spend their one-day leave on an expedition into local areas which were not developed around Lagos. There discoveries and experiences change their view about life. The Long Walk and Other Tales is a collection of short stories which depicts various affairs and events in modern Africa, most especially Nigeria. The stories portrays some of the problems faced by African societies in a very apparent and remarkable way. It also does much in proffering or suggesting specific solutions to these problems. Each story passes a worthwhile message to majorly the African societies, most especially Nigeria. The narrative points of view are in three diverse ways, and are unequally distributed between first, second and third point of views, but the first person point of view is dominantly used to narrate the stories.

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