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Girls tripped up in snares. Food orgasms. Poisoned pigeons. Love in an Alzheimer’s facility. From the mind of rehabilitated journalist Thom Gabrukiewicz springs 30 flash fiction pieces that span the gamut from funny to whimsical to maliciously dark. Some border on erotica – yes, nasty bits and such. What is flash fiction exactly? That’s hard to pin down, since opinions vary. Let’s just say flash fiction is brevity in action, a story that has been whittled down to its essence whilst remaining a complete story, with plot, narrative, character/s, conflict, and resolution. And containing between six and 5,000 words (anything more and it becomes a short story). These 30 stories contained in “Troublemaker” capture a journey in creating flash fiction in 300 to 2,000 words.

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