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TAYLOR’S CHILDREN’S SCHOOL AND ORPHANAGEWhat appears to be a freak accident not far from the orphanage in time develops into a full scale search for some lost children that have been missing for years. The story leads you through old secrets, a love story, murder, and will enhance your ending into an unforgettable truth. Old secrets never die; they live in the haunting memories of people’s minds.PORTLAND 16 MILESOnce the strawberry capital of the world, Portland is known for its bright red strawberries that lay in the fields ripe for picking, but so does someone else after a body is found in one of the fields. The story starts to unravel into a time long ago. Forgotten by many, the truth of the past haunts the town again. When the blood runs off and begins to wash away it reveals the red berry. The taste becomes sweeter as the truth unravels, freeing you into the flavoring of the plot of the story.3019 FLAT ROADAt the end of Flat Road, Kimberly’s house stands tarnished with secrets and haunted by ghosts. Her stays there take her on a moving journey in her mind and out of a real world unto a make believe world of fantasy. It winds her thoughts and steals her memories into a tormenting few weeks. Is it real or not? The reader holds the key. The answer is in the words. The lives of a few hold in the balance or is it too late? In the end a secret is revealed that justifies the truth of it all or does it?STILL SMALL VOICEWhen two young girls are forced to leave home, their lives will never be the same. But in the end it turns out for the best. While on the way to Nashville, Tennessee their hearts ache, their eyes cry, and all seems so hopeless. But, the Lord, unknowing to them, has made a way for them. When a secret blessing happens it heals their hearts and dries their eyes. That which they lost is gone forever. It is remolded and remade into a Godly blessing. The truth will set you free.DUCK, DUCK, GOOSEWhen a spree of murders begins to take place, an outsider of the town appears to be the killer. Three men take it upon themselves to bring the judgment for the murder victims. They are so sure of themselves. They come against the outsider only to push it too far and an innocent man dies. But who is the killer. Is it a stranger passing through, or is it one of the three? Will we ever know?

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