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HOUSE ON CAROLYN LANEWhen a hunter finds a woman sitting in a cornfield covered with blood and a butcher knife in her hand, it opens the door for a full blown investigation which takes you back years before. As the story unfolds, the key pieces of the puzzle bring to light the darkness of the past and the light of the future. How well do we really know our neighbors?THE SUMMER OF ‘54The intertwining of life sometimes can weave a web of unchangeable deceit. An innocent young man finds out a truth that turns his world upside down. Unknowing at first, his hard work and dedication opens up a whole new world and the word innocence takes on a different meaning. Sometimes things are best not known.FLIGHT 407When a Boeing 313, Flight 407, takes off from Charleston, South Carolina it seems to be a normal flight to Atlanta. But unknowing to the passengers a demolition expert and pyromaniac is onboard. Will the flight make it to Atlanta? What can they do when he threatens to blow up the plane? Is it a terrorist plot or does he just love fireworks?WALK WITH A BLIND MANSometimes it would probably be good to walk in someone else’s shoes. The way a person walks can tell you a lot about a person and their ways. In the story a young boy faces the world and all that it has to offer. But how we deal with the hand that life deals us determines our destiny. Life can make you or break you. How often do we turn a blind eye?SPIN THE BOTTLEWhen a girl is raped by three boys it opens up a web of lies and uncertainties. It puts a college setting on pins and needles. When we spins life’s bottle it doesn’t always come out for the best. There is no guarantee; it can be unfair and devastating. Where do we draw the line? When does it go too far?

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