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When neophyte hunter John Bruce Dodson heads up beautiful, remote Snip Mountain in the mesa country of Colorado with Janice, his wife of three months, he expects to play pupil to her teacher, for she is an experienced big game hunter and a crack marksman. What he cannot foresee is that he is about to become the prey...However, Colorado District Attorney Frank Daniels' suspicions on Dodson's unlucky accident are raised after learning from his forensics team that Dodson was hit by three bullets - one tearing through his chest, dead center. Delving deeper into the case, he discovers that Dodson's new wife, Janice, is not only n expert marksman but half a million dollars richer from her recently deceased husband's insurance.When Dodson's widow marries another man and convinces him to take out yet another valuable life insurance policy, the DA knows that he's on the right track. He must act quickly, though, not only to claim justice for the murdered man but before another unsuspecting husband suffers a similar fate. First, however, Daniels and the investigators must painstakingly substantiate their suspicions and then prove them to a jury beyond a reasonable doubt.A taut and gripping legal thriller, this is Daniel's own account of the case that changed his life. A fascinating tale of violent homicide, complex and tangled evidence trails and the trial of Daniel's life, Dead Center is a riveting behind-the-scenes story of greed, violence, and a crusading prosecutor's quest for justice.

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