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Heres a collection of 100 case histories featuring dim-witted criminal activity accumulated from several years of research. The dumbest crooks that could be found from around the world star in their inexplicable roles. Most are from the USA, however, and many are from Florida, the home of some of the very dumbest. No, its not just the heat! Each case starts with an introduction of the town, city or region where the caper took place and often provides unusual facts that may help explain the riotous criminal activity. Every case is illustrated with some form of graphics, either by the author or as "mug shots" of the silly perpetrators provided by the arresting authorities. Our inept crooks and other lawbreakers are generously supplied with guidelines set in a humorous style to help them pinpoint their more egregious errors. Titles, accounts and "rules" are written in an entertaining format while still preserving accuracy for each of the one-hundred accounts. We hope you will enjoy these classic cases where smart cops and dumb crooks attempt to match wits in decidedly uneven contests. And yes, these accounts are all true no matter how incredulous. Stupidity knows no bounds. 100% of the authors proceeds will be donated to the Florida Sheriffs Association (FSA) whose programs help reduce the number of dumb crooks in a beneficial way.

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