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WARNING - CONTAINS RAPE, VIOLENCE, MURDER, EXPICIT CONTENT INTRODUCTION Necrophilia is the term used usually when a person gets sexual pleasure from the dead. A person who is attracted to a corpse often commits sexual acts upon the deceased body to satisfy his lust. Men have killed their victims specifically to sleep with their bodies. These homicidal necrophiles are the most dangerous of all as they need to kill to obtain a corpse for sexual gratification. Many homicidal necrophiles have taken extensive measures in order to preserve the body of their victims. Some have even acted as amateur embalmers in order to preserve the decomposing body for as long as possible in order to placate their insatiable, sexual, sadistic appetites. Denis Nilsen washed his corpses in his bathtub in order to cleanse away the decomposition of the bodies. The role of a professional embalmer working in a hospital or mortuary is to preserve bodies after death up until the day of the funeral where the body would be either buried or cremated. They usually do at least one to three of the following:- wash and disinfect the bodies in order to prevent deterioration and infection remove fluids and gases from the body replacing them with preservatives injected into the orifices wash and style the hair and applying cosmetics use plaster of Paris or wax to restore the appearance of body after injury This eBook gives an insight into serial killers who sleep with their dead victims and how they treat their bodies to try to preserve them for longer in order to fulfil their overpowering lust for the corpses.

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