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This huge equine bundle contains six monstrous tales of women being taken by centaur lovers and imposing their wills upon hordes of strapping centaur stallions! This 6-book collection contains vulnerable and aggressive women, outdoor sex, group sex, huge insertions, beastly encounters, oral, anal, and lustful half-horse, half-man throngs. Her Unbridled Desire: Taken by Centaurs For as long as she's lived, Arysta has loved horses. So entranced is she by their majestic beauty and strength that she really has no time at all for men - not that their boorish, predictable ways offer her any pleasure, regardless. But one fateful day, while on a ride through the deepest woods, Arysta happens across an awesome sight - a group of Centaurs, straight out of legend! Arysta is enchanted by their power and equine forms. And for the first time, she feels something welling up deep within her - a strange, tumultuous lust that makes her suddenly bold with desire. She may have never touched a man before... but these are much more than men. And she's not about to take no for an answer... Rescued and Ravaged by the Centaur The mystical forest is a place few humans venture, but young Anya must brave it when her brother falls ill and can only be cured by a rare herb found in its most dangerous areas. When Anya falls victim to a faerie trap, she is unexpectedly rescued by a handsome centaur named Cole. Mutual attraction leads to a forbidden lust between the two, and Anya quickly succumbs to Cole’s powerful desire. But what future could two creatures of such different worlds have? Enchanted: Seducing the Centaur Horde Reilana is a mighty Enchantress, one of the chosen Elvish mystics who harvest sexual energy and channel it into dark and powerful magicks that bewitch the mind and beguile the body. But when the evil warlord Caldax sends a force of savage Centaur Warriors against her, the elf maiden finds her magicks have little power against the inhuman creatures. But Reilana is not one to give up so easily, and the Centaurs have something she greatly desires: an animalistic, almost primal sexual force.  Mated to the Centaurs On the eve of her eighteenth birthday, young Kyra learns she has been betrothed to the leader of the centaur tribe that demands annual tribute from her village. Giving herself over to these wild people, she quickly learns that her wedding proceedings will include a savage ceremony - wherein she must be mounted and mated to by all the males of the tribe! But Kyra also discovers a tender, understanding side to the centaur people that she never expected to find. Promised to the Centaur Tribe Warrior-woman Reyna is furious when she allows herself to be captured by the tribe of Centaurs who guard the dark corners of the mystical forest. But when she learns that these strange, inhuman beasts have something she greatly desires, Reyna quickly turns the tables by offering up her own bargaining chip: her young, nubile body for all the tribe to mate with. As the centaurs descend hungrily upon her, will young Reyna fall victim to the dark, animalistic passion that threatens to drive her wild with desire? Subdued by the Centaur She is a capable swordswoman on a quest for a mysterious and magical artifact hidden deep within the demon-infested woods. He is a mighty centaur warrior, strong in his prime and dead-set upon acquiring the same prize... in addition to securing himself a suitable mate. When a misunderstanding leads to a deadly battle between the two seasoned fighters, things quickly lead to passion... but when the demon guardian of the hidden treasure arrives, the two must forestall their lovemaking to fight for their very lives.

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2014
    • Ano:  2014
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2000817889421
    • ISBN:  1230000206993
    • Faixa Etária:  a partir de 18 anos

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