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The Prologue sets the scene for a bizarre state of events when the housekeeper of KELLY ROSS and the whole village of COURI on the West Coast of Scotland are secreted away to an island where they are held prisoner to work as slaves for the Russian Mafia. KELLY ROSS M17 agent is duped into returning to London from her assignment in Kenya East Africa and to arrive incognito only to be kidnapped and held prisoner in the basement of a Regents Park house where her childhood friend, and daughter of her housekeeper, HANNAH DOUGAL is also interned. They escape and find that headquarters has been infiltrated by identical individuals like themselves. Ordered by their Chief MAITLAND, affectionately known as OLD THUNDERGUTS head of the female branch of M17, they make their way to Scotland where they find the whole village of COURI has been kidnapped to work in a Refinery cut out of the inside of the ISLAND OF HANDA. All the new occupants of COURI are identical to the original and KELLY ROSS and HANNAH DOUGAL have to decide who is genuine and who is not. Both are captured and subjected to harsh interrogation before being left in the basement of KELLY’S house to be blown up. They both escape from this situation. Britain’s economy is booming thanks to the oil fields of the North Sea. A new rig in the Atlantic Ocean, one hundred miles off the coast of Scotland is about to pump more of the black gold into the British economy. Unbeknown to British Intelligence the Russian Mafia has plotted to steal the equivalent of half of everything oilrig DISCOVERY can produce. Behind all this intrigue is the MAFIA Controller IVOR DIMITRI GORSKY and his associates, IGOR and ANYA TIOMKIN. MI 7 agent, KELLY ROSS of the British Secret Service leaves HANNAH DOUGAL on the ISLAND OF HANDA and makes her way to DISCOVERY. On the way she is again captured by Mafia agents who drop her into the Atlantic from the Helicopter which was supposed to take her to the Oilrig. KELLY manages to blow the Helicopter up on exit . Picked up from the sea by the Marines she arrives on DISCOVERY to find it has been infiltrated. DISCOVERY is cleansed of its infiltrators by KELLY ROSS and she makes her way back to join HANNAH on the ISLAND OF HANDA. On the way back she encounters an apparent accident. Going to the aid of the man and woman, supposedly injured, she is overpowered and sedated by IGOR and ANYA TIOMKIN who take her to GORSKY in the ISLAND OF HANDA. Meantime, HANNAH has managed to get inside the Island and is there when KELLY is brought in. HANNAH has already discovered that all the inhabitants of COURI are there including her mother and her father who was supposed to be dead, lost at sea two years earlier. HANNAH helps KELLY to get free within the Island and KELLY inserts a THV into GORSKY’S computer system then all hell breaks loose as the Refinery commences to blow up. Not to be outdone, GORSKY has all the occupants of his malevolent scheme ordered on to the deck of the Submarine in which he attempts to escape. He then proposes to submerge and drown all inhabitants of COURI in the ATLANTIC. Again he is foiled by KELLY ROSS. GORSKY and his associates do escape at the end of the story but only because HE and KELLY ROSS are the main characters in a subsequent novel already in preparation called ‘JAMAICAN ASSIGNMENT’. To allow the Russian Mafia to succeed could spell disaster for the British economy. To stop them in their tracks, discredit them in the eyes of the world, would be like someone tearing a mountain apart with their bare hands. Agent KELLY ROSS is just such a person. A female ‘Bond’ at last!!!

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001121268179
    • ISBN:  9781310500114

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