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There is a prominent question in the heart of every Christian in this generation of ours. The question is: we know that God want us to be holy, we know that holiness is one of the standards which God expect all His children to meet. We know that without holiness no one will see the Lord according to Hebrews 12:14. No one shall see talk-less of even inheriting God. Without holiness no one will see the Lord both in this present world and in eternity. We know that the issue of holiness is as serious as that. But is it possible to be holy?Is it possible to maintain the new life that Christ gives? Is it possible to live a sinless life in this perverse generation? Is it possible to live the life that pleases the Lord from the time at which one accepts Jesus as the Lord and Saviour of one’s life to the very end of one’s life on earth? That has been the ageless question in people’s heart. Well, I need to raise at this juncture that several people, scholars and countless philosophers both within and outside the Church have supplied many varying answers to this phenomenal question. The most common among the answers supplied is, “You can’t walk without your head shaking.” Meaning that, it is impossible to be holy. This belief prospers greatly even among believers in the Church.Meanwhile, so many people says “it is impossible” to live above sin; because they themselves have not been able to overcome it. But when I study the scripture, I discovered that there is already a provision which the Lord has made to enable us to live without or perhaps above sin. It is not that God will start to make it. It is not that He would arrange for it. But He had made the provision readymade before we accepted Christ. What I am telling you is not just a mere theory, but it is what I had being privileged to experience in my walk with God. Besides, I have heard some of the elders in the faith teaching this principle and I have seen it manifested in their lives. These elders have tested it and proved the principle to be true.They have proved it that it is possible for someone to live sinless life; provided he understand this divine provision and begin to key himself into it. As a matter of fact, no one could overcome the old-self or sin by his strength. For the Bible says, “By the arm of flesh shall no man prevail.” The arm of flesh shall ever fail a man. This is a major reason many people have not been able to live above sin. So many people have been attempting overcoming sin by their own strength. Therefore, dear friend, perhaps you are trying to overcome sin by your own strength, you will never prevail. You will understand this better very soon as you go on steadily with me in this study.Some people think that the solution is fasting. They fast severally thinking that they will not sin again, yet they still find themselves sinning. Some tried setting principles, as I also tried using principles some years ago. In those days, when I was struggling with lust, I set certain principles for myself. First, I decided not to be greeting sisters. Second, I decided that I will not be looking down whenever I am going somewhere; so as to avoid seeing sisters. And third, I decide to be fasting whenever I will attend a meeting that will involve meeting sisters. I so much loved fasting then to the extent that one day, my mother called me and said, “Sola, you know you meet me in the race of faith, this your fast is getting too much. Reduce this fast.” My eldest sister also told me then, “Sola, you are growing lean, reduce your fast.” I decide to put these things on record; so you may understand that I had also tasted the captivity of self, and that I have been privileged to experience the practicality of the principle God is raising with you today.

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