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Belle was to go and see her father as she did once a month. Before she left she told Jack not to accept any new assignments without checking them out first. With a smile he told her to have a nice trip. As soon as Belle arrived to her fathers house, her cell phone gave a sharp ring. It was Conrad Smith from FBI that needed to see her about a new assignment. It is about a man, Maximal Dunn, that has stolen some top secret papers that he can sell for millions on the international market. This Dunn has to be stopped. Can you Belle handle a case like this? You want me to find this Maximal, and then assassinate him? Shot him in cold blood? Yes Belle can you and Jack handle a case like that? After a short while Belle said, Of course we accept the job. Jack will put any assignment we have to the side until this Maximal Dunn is taken care of. When Belle came back to the office, it was a happy Jack that told her that he had accepted a job to protect a man that believed that someone had put a price on his head. This man, Maximal Dunn paid me in advance, and told me he would pay extra when we can tell him who it is that want him dead. Belle told Jack that FBI has asked us to find and assassinate Maximal Dunn for a large extra purse. It took some time for Jack to accept that his customer was the one FBI wanted them to kill. Then there must be a leak min FBIs office, as Dunn came to me when you were with FBI and accepted the job. How could he have known that FBI was after him. Jack and Belle went to FBIs office, and after talking to Conrad Smith, they were told that there are four women and three men working here in this office. Belle after with a load voice told, so everyone could here it that Maximal Dunn had been shot. One of the women, Lucia Gomez screamed out, and later told Belle where Dunn could be found. When at last they fund Maximals house, Jack was shot in the arm, a flesh-wound, Belle with her guns and knifes killed Maximal, and his twin brother that no one knew anything about. A double trouble.

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001038405131
    • ISBN:  9781310927522

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