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BLOGS‘I can honestly say that I am the most laziest person you could ever find. I never attempted to do anything meticulous, nor muster the energy to get something done.’CURSES OF TIME‘The idea was to write something that had a fresh take on what people knew to be Time Travel. It came to me after one scrapped idea to another and then through numerous rewrites and changes in the overall plot.’CONTINUMENTAL‘To create such an extensive universe of brave new marvels and wonders, it would not be the same without its own form of intrinsic qualities ... its own identity.’PRIME WORLDS‘From Earth to Anselopha, an Alliance between the Prime Worlds were formed to enforce Law and Order. Bureaus were put in place to aid each of the worlds of the Continuverse.’MATTER-FABRIC‘With its nature laid bare, ready to be taken unwillingly by force without Bearers. Time will not last forever and with no hope of guidance, time’s endangered nature will come to an end.’OF THINGS TO COME‘In the light of the coming Master, there are those who will stop at nothing to ensure that he is taken down, so that they can command their own rule – Who will take the Seat?’

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