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Weaving pieces of history into interesting fictionalized vignettes, the author explores the secret and hidden facets of America’s present and past. This collection of eighteen stories contains an eclectic mix of what ifs, of little-known history, and of tribalism. King Nicholas has assembled floating near-present scenarios, as in the revelatory “Life of Benjamin Ficklin X” and in the imaginative dystopia, “The Welsh Opera.” He has included stories of urban fantasy such as the nostalgic “Vogelsong” and in a sojourn to the past that might have been in “Powhatan Paramountcy.” The founding fathers are also represented in imaginative tales such as in “Madison’s Manifesto” and the investigation of who is amongst us, “Puppet Jefferson.” A work of historical fiction that blends suspense, wry humor, and airships, 2 Psalms offers a collection of short stories that focus on the founding of the United States and presents one version of revisionist history.

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