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Frustrated in his search for an enhanced universal operating system that would aid in creating a synthetic neural network for artificial intelligence, Dr. Chen Wu Chen comes across the work of controversial twentieth century psychiatrist, Stanislov Grof. Grof spent five decades studying non-ordinary states of consciousness, and his research might be just what Chen needs. Frustrated in his own search for the right psychological model within which his patients experiences could be better understood, Grof found astrology provided an ideal frame of reference. Despite still being derided by science at the turn of the twenty-second century, Grof saw no issue with astrology as it led himand now, Chento the scientific discoveries of their dreams. Chens work in AI does more than change assumptions about astrology; it revolutionizes companionship. It is now possible for people everywhere to find their perfect mates, optimally suited to meet their needs. A thirty-two-year-old Chinese woman is about to experience the fruit of Chens labors, but realitylike scienceoften challenges us with the unexpected.

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