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Welcome to Volume 2 of 366 Squared, the e-book series that poses the question, "Just how much sense and/or nonsense can one say in 366 words?" This volume contains twenty-nine entries covering the month of February. It turned out to be a difficult month, and there are more mini-essays than I originally planned. There is also a lot more fantasy and less science fiction than I thought there would be. Oh well, I can only take this project where the source material allows me to. We'll see what happens in the next volume. But back to the present. February is, of course, the most important month of the year. The fact that it contains my birthday has nothing to do with it, it is an objective fact. What other month has the honor of varying its length depending on whether the year is divisible by 4, 100 0r 400? Almost every story in this volume is based on a real event, a celebration, a birth or a death associated with a specific day. But you may have to read carefully to figure out just what that was. I'm certainly not going to give it away in the title: if you need to know in advance what the story is going to be about, then the story itself is a flop. But if the reference is too obscure, you can look it up in the back of the book, where all the day references are listed. I did say almost every story. For some days of the year, I just could not find something tied to that day in history to write anything interesting about. But fear not! You will receive your daily quota of words. For such days, there will be a little essay, a poem, well, something.

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