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The Destiny Trilogy is an epic story and a cautionary tale of the future. It is a science fiction story, but tries to be as realistic as possible except for the science fiction elements. It is a dramatization of the kind of world we may be living in if humanity continues on its present course. This first novel of the trilogy takes place twenty five years in the future, at a time our world is increasingly restless and unsettled. Eleven intrepid explorers from many nations begin the first crewed mission to the planet Mars with high expectations. As would be expected from human nature, some of them are compatible and get along very well. Others are not so compatible, having different backgrounds, personalities, and cultures. Thus there are some serious conflicts among the crew members. As might be expected among vibrant, young and physically fit people, some romantic relationships develop. Some crew members find they are not as fearless and bold as they thought. Some must mature quickly. Some discover surprising things about themselves and others. In addition, the crew encounters dangers and technical challenges along the flight to Mars and during the surface explorations. Some stunning discoveries are made, but all do not survive the explorations on the surface of an alien planet. On the return voyage to earth, a technical problem surfaces which threatens the entire mission, the crew conflicts are heightened, and an economic and political crisis back on earth causes the crew great concern about what will happen to them after they return to the earth. They find a world far different from the one they left. Financial collapse resulting from years of profligate spending, raising deficits, and accelerating inflation have vastly weakened the United States. A group of countries led by the Russian Federation steps into the vacuum and takes over the Space Agency responsible for the Mars Project. Russia has largely reformed the former Soviet Union, using all methods available including politics, economic pressure, intimidation, and outright military force. This places some of the explorers in great danger after they arrive home.

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