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There were more robotic products on the market every week. The armed forces as well as the private sector loved the robots. They did twenty-four hour shifts without any problem, and they were not members of any union to start trouble. All part of the industry loved them. I got my first private robot a year ago, it is a robotic vacuum cleaner. It cleans okay, however the part where the dust is collected is in my opinion to small, as I have a fairly large pad I have to empty it every day.These robots became more advanced each year, and when an Asian professor invented the thinking robot, and gave them their own factory to produce themselves there were many people that were dead against it. But as the government at this time as always were owned by the large corporations, and they loved the robots, there was nothing that could be done. They were allowed to become citizens, then they were given the right to vote. It didnt take long after that, and we humans were told that we were not wanted on Earth any longer. The robots had been searching the havens, and found in the Orion cluster a planet that would be perfect to us. So the tin-cans built a large number of space ships for us to be moved to what now was called Earth-2. This started some problems, as the planet already had some humanoids living on it. Here the real problem started. With the help of the robots on the space vessel we were able to settle our difference with these humanoids. We found our Earth-2 on this same planet system, without having to live with those trouble making humanoids.

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