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It is 2125 and life as Rose previously knew it is over. Having been forced to live in a government-controlled society that, for years, has sponsored the use of peoplenot the enhancement of creativity, inspiration, and universal growthRose is prepared to escape the social disaster that has robbed her of her dreams. When she finally departs for a cabin in the hills far above San Francisco, she walks away from everything she has ever known. Rose adjusts to her new environment far away from the city by relying on her inner strength and her memories of her old life. With little food or water, she must forage for a place to sleep every night. As her challenging trek through the wilderness continues, Rose gloomily recalls the chain of events that instigated her journey to freedom. She must fight through the bitterness she feels for having been forced to give up her doctorate and instead work in demeaning government jobs because of societys greed, selfishness, and injustice. A Long Walk to Knowing shares one womans journey to discover her own humanity as she slowly learns to endure a new way of life.

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