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This is a story for everyone, from school children to adult. The snow had started to fall in large snow flakes. It looked nice, but was difficult to walk in as it stuck to your shoes. So Merlin went in to see if his dragon Pen had fallen asleep yet. I know this is the time of the year when you prefer to sleep my friend, however Pen w have an emergency at the royal castle, and it would take Roran and myself several hours to walk there. Would you my friend help us this time? Pen couldn't understand how any sane, or intelligent person would like to go outside in this horrible weather. But, for this once I will do it, he said and with both Merlin and Roran on his back hr flew to the royal castle. Arriving there, Merlin was taken to the Queens chambers, to find out why she felt so nausea. After a thorough search from the head and down, when he came to her middle section, Merlin had to sit down. My Queen you are pregnant. There is a tiny baby growing inside of you. How can that be, I am too old, said the Queen. It must be is royal highness that is causing you this feeling of nausea. Am I having a boy or a girl, she tries. Sorry my Queen you have to wait until the end of the summer for to know that, answered Merlin with a smile. Over in the village, where Roran's father is the governor, three men that rode out to see if the new grass is ready to be cut, hadn't returned, but their horses came back to the stables. Sending out another man, his name was Anders to Merlin's cave, and ask him for help. Anders arrived to the cave, as it was a good three month since the emergency at the castle, Merlin asked Pen if he would like to help searching for the three missing men. I can do that, answered Pen, but I am hungry, do you have any food? The only thing we have is the horse Anders was riding when ha came here, said Roran. Looking at Anders Pen asked if he could have the horse for breakfast. As Anders answered yes, we didn't have any problems. It took Pen only five minutes to eat the horse. And with a load burp, Pen was ready. When they arrived to were the three men had disappeared, Pen found some tracks that showed that someone with claws instead of feet had taken the three men. The beings with claws instead of feet wanted the three men to help the build a shed and a barn, as they were not able to do this by themselves. After some negotiation, it was agreed the the village men should build the shed, and the barn if the clawed beings would cut the hay and make bales for us. It was of course not that easy, it took a few turnes the wrong way before it was agreed from both side, And Pen promised to keep an eye on the clawed beings

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