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A place called Nunnery. This story is not about Nuns, but about Naomi Atossa; about her survival and courage in the face of almost overwhelming adversity. Other stories by Inge Blanton are: Lost in Time. The story of a young woman swept up by a time-warp. She is thrown so far back in time she can find no landmarks she can identify. But she meets fascinating people and has many interesting adventures. The Antarean Odyssey The Antarean Odyssey is the birth of a people and the fiery end of their homeworld. It covers eight books. The Labors of Jonathan; Book ONE One night Jonathan overhears about a world wide cartel, and interstellar trade agreement and aliens named Altruscans. The Original Four; Book Two Sabrina, Sarah, Ayhlean and Kamila, four orphans are the beginning of the Antarean people. Loss of Eden; Book Three The ending of childhood might feel like the loss of Eden. It is time for The Four to meet the world. Starship Trefayne; Book Four If Sargon aka Jim Thalon thought to have Sabrina safely on the Trefayne, he will soon learn otherwise. Misalliance; Book Five To fulfill the Planetary Alliance requirement, Commander Sarah Thalon, chief medical officer of the Antares becomes an intern on the planet Madras Assignment Earth; Book Six. Sabrinas assignment is to see if Earth is ready to join the Planetary Alliance. Matched: Book Seven. Sabrina finally finds a mate who is her match in almost everything.

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