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An engagement party is under way in a bathhouse. A guy named Alpha falls in love just celebrated the Beltà, but she is promised to another. In the middle of the party, making surprise everyone present, she jokingly kisses Alpha. Meanwhile a vegan teenager named Bernadeath leaves to smoke, but two boys, Natan and Gin, surprise her. They would abuse her. Meanwhile, Ontex, the boyfriend of Beltà, seeing the kiss, chases furious Alpha, he would punch him. Pursued on the beach by Ontex, Alpha sees Bernadeath in difficulty, she is going to be raped. He decides to help her but she now is too far away. To escape rape she is thinking of something else, her mind is totally detached from reality going up to Mars. On Mars, however, she will not go alone. She loves Alpha. Bernadeath and Alpha rediscover a new world, where love is the only way of salvation for humanity. The reality is totally intertwined to fiction creating another dimension, very similar to ours. "A vegan Mars" is about love, friendship and redemption. Start the dream, you're ready for adventure?

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