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After their untimely deaths on Earth, Carol and Deena find themselves embodying alien creatures residing in foreign landscapes. Each does the best she can in her difficult circumstances. Soul-searching fails to deliver any answers.Three times each they are resurrected in the vacated bodies of alien creatures. Six times in total they ponder why. In each situation they wonder if someone, or something, is behind their journeys. Are there lessons to be learned, or is punishment being meted out? Is something testing them, and why? Could this be Judgment, or simply reality after death?Eventually, both women settle into what may be their final embodiments. They carve lives out of the circumstances in which they find themselves until it seems they are to meet again. Will they recognize each other? Will their enmity continue, and if so, will either prevail this time, or will the deaths and resurrections resume?Most importantly, who, or what, is behind these extraordinary events?

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