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At NASA, Robert was sitting in front of the monitor at the Space Center Command Station. With all his friends, they were petting if the landing on Titan, Saturns largest moon, would go perfect. While they were watching the monitor, a bright flash erupted on the screen, then everything went black. Spending a lot of time going through each square of the film from the seconds before the flash, until a second after. Nothing could be found. It was believed that an atmospheric disturbance must have caused the flash that destroyed the lander. Although it was a clear day with no clouds on Titan, in that area. NASA agreed to send another probe, this time with a recording system even on the part of the space probe that didnt go down to Titans ground level. As this second probe came in the same position as the first on had had, the flash destroyed even this probe. Now, able to look through the film from the orbiting part of the space prob it was clear that both probes had been shot down from Titan. NASA was contacted by a moon from Saturn, and this message explained that the people from Titan that had destroyed two space probes would have to pay restitution. The agreements with Saturns moon Ganymede, became a forward military station for NASA and a protection for future space probes. But, somehow something always get screwed up, so why not this deal?

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