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~ As the first latex balloon expands slowly, forcibly, at her fingertips, so do Amys wildest fantasies. ~Amy, as the appointed BFF of the birthday girl, Charlotte, really has her work cut out for her. Only as Amy sets out—on the day of—to create the most memorable party atmosphere possible and to secure her reputation among their girlfriends as totally dependable and utterly capable, does she realize just how challenging a task as simple as blowing up some balloons can actually be.As it turns out, theres not a single cylinder of helium available in the entire city. And Amy refuses to relinquish her singular goal, as party hostess, of turning her own home into a pink balloon paradise.In her desperation and last-minute panic, Amy hardly questions the offer of a stranger to save the day by lending the specific equipment her balloon-filled fantasy requires, and so begins her own personal inflation adventures.All her girlfriends know that Amy is susceptible to distraction. And shes never been one to heed the advice—even the adamant and obvious warning—of a perfect stranger.As Amy, alone with a full cylinder of helium in the privacy of her home, first releases the invisible gas, finding its forceful flow controllable with her own fingertips, the seduction begins, and the inevitable influence of helium transforms Amys life—and body—forever.~~~~~This balloon inflation tale brings all of your favorite body inflation and self-expansion themes to life for you to experience intimately: rubber and latex, balloon fetish, helium, body modification, transformation fantasies, female fantasy, experiments, inflated, science fiction, expansionAbout the Author~ Tina Tirrell Knows Fetish, and Shes Not Afraid to Write the Forbidden ~Tina Tirrells writing is unique among all authors in its drenching intensity, true-to-life detail, driving pace that picks up your pulse at every peak moment (ensuring your gratification—repeatedly—while reading), and even a touch of comedy that youre guaranteed to grow addicted to. Tinas passion for each theme she personally delves into and every taste she caters to is evident in her believable characters and genuine story progression. Her readers come away content, spent, and breathless for more, as if theyve just enjoyed a new, intimate encounter all their own.

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