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Remorseless, vicious and brilliant - General Crysanthe Uella has dedicated her life to ensuring humanity will escape from the embers of a dead universe. But the corrupt lords of a decaying empire have betrayed her, tearing away everything and everyone she ever cared for. She has one last chance to redeem herself - a final mission far to the east, in a realm filled with rumours of a madness that consumes entire cities. Reluctant rulers of a race of monsters, Max and Abby finally possess the technology to carry them deep into the kingdom of the Machine Men. To do so they must first pass the AntiHelix, an immense fortress citadel inhabited by a civilisation ancient, decadent and cruel whose agents are even now hunting them down. AntiHelix is the sequel to Ragged Claws and Thumb and the penultimate volume of The Book of the Colossus quadrilogy.

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