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Bill Good was a talented but world-weary, Fleet Street reporter from England. An exciting job offer to work for a New York City newspaper seemed the perfect opportunity to refresh his career and repair his sadly jaded outlook on life.On a staff night out in NYC; Bill meets a pretty post-grad called Christine that was working in a popular Irish Bar on Ninth Avenue. It all seemed very promising for Bill when this young woman surprisingly asks him to take her home. However, Bill suddenly hears of a breaking ‘lights in the sky’ story down in Reading, Pennsylvania, and talks a reluctant Christine into driving him there.After an amazing encounter on Mount Penn; Bill, quite literally, runs into another young woman they eventually learn is called Anya. They take her to the local ER but later must help rescue her from this hospital before the arrival of some ruthless government scientists.Deciding to take Anya back to his hotel in NYC, he wants to know everything about her so he can begin to write this amazing new story. After showing her some of the famous sites around the city, Bill takes Anya along to his editor with information about an apocalyptic future for Earth. It seemed unlikely the newspaper would dare to print this incredible story as it was one told by many times over the centuries. Bills story also had to convince the rest of the world that extra-terrestrial manipulation of early human DNA was actually true and then try to explain the awful reasons why it was done.Bill and Christine’s problems start to deepen as others are trying to prevent Anya from getting home because she holds certain vital knowledge that will expose the plans of Earth’s original occupant’s that are intent on reclaiming the planet for themselves!Many unusual things continue to happen to Christine and Bill on their quest to help Anya get home. Its only when they finally arrive in England and head for the stone circles of Avebury, they realise the last piece of this elaborate puzzle is waiting to fall into place.

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