ARK 33

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This is a story about two men and how their paths cross. Jack Carter is hired to do a task for NOAH (Natural Oceanographic & Animal Habitat). They are responsible for terra forming Rojus in Charley sector. They are trying to grow all of the vegetation that existed on Earth before man screwed it up. They have brought most of the animals from Earth and have even been able to bring back some of the ones that went extinct for over ten thousand years. Jack is tasked to find and acquire certain items and see that they are on Ark 33. Aldous Huxley is a reserve officer in the USA and Canada Army Reserves. The Federation has requested, from the USA and Canada, that their battalion be mobilized for a period of thirty-five days. There they will meet up with the rest of our battalion and become the aggressors in a war game on Rojus. Little do they know that the Xylocopa are also looking at Rojus as their new home.

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