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When the Professor in Arkeology, Alexis Arson, is asked to travel back in time to see if our ancestors really dug through the Earth crust to extract oil, gas and coal when the natural powers are free, like Solar, Wind and Water. Our descendants didnt travel in space ships because of the space radiation, and the fact that the time worked different in a space ship than it did on Earth. Now when the Professor had arrived he fund out that the digging through the Earth, was not a necessity as the science were well known in the natural, free powers. They did it for profit. People invested in these corporations and demanded a good profit on their investment. Professor Arson met a young man just out of collage. They became friends and Professor Arson asked if he would like to come to the future. The young man of course said yes, and the two arrived at the professors time era. When this young man was interviewed when he arrived, it was a great commotion. At the collage he had studied Arkeology, and his name was Alexis Arson.

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