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Akane never thought of herself as a weapon. Not when she was a green 2nd Lieutenant freshly graduated from Mars Officer’s Academy, and certainly not after her last combat command. It wasn’t until she was two years retired from Mars Army, that she became a weapon.Technically, she is host to a viral weapon system and the property of Shinobu Corporation. Unfortunately for those seeking the current host, Akane doesn’t care much for semantic technicalities. And she’s certainly not about to turn herself over to a research department, no matter how interesting she finds the head of the department.In the Neo Nippon region of Mars, corporations are the life force of the capital city, New Edo.In an attempt to placate her sister, Akane accepts a temporary assignment as a weapon’s consultant to Shinobu Corp. During the short term assignment she is nearly killed twice, and reunites with the surviving members of her first command. Together they scramble to save her sister’s life, the corporation, and the city.She must embrace the weapon within to ensure that all the people dearest to her survive the conflict she thought she left behind, when she retired from the army.

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