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In 2065 a nuclear strike was initiated that almost resulted in the annihilation of all life on Earth.On the 11th October 2078, leaving behind their irradiated homelands and heading out into the night, mankind start the hugely ambitious and dangerous task of building a permanent colony on Mars.The year is now 2102 and, against the odds, the Sanctuary colony and its inhabitants have thrived.Meanwhile on the distant planet of Ashen 2, a team of scientists have made an unprecedented breakthrough that could herald a new golden era for mankind, but instead unleashes a new and unpredictable terror.When communication with Ashen 2 is lost, a mission to investigate is quickly launched.Amongst the team is Robert Hewson, an experimental physicist responsible for the ongoing terraforming of Mars and bringing his late father’s dream of Mars having a breathable atmosphere to fruition.Hewson soon finds himself being carried along in a whirlwind, as he and the rescue team engage a faceless enemy across space and time.Something has been watching from beyond the veil and the fight for survival has begun.

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