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Three short stories are compiled in this e-book, each one taking the reader to different areas of the science-fiction realm.Counter Attack: After the alien invasion the Earth is devastated. Small groups still resist and fight back, but their days may run out soon. By luck, they have the chance to take revenge on the aliens.Calm, Calm West: Everett Marshall is not an ordinary sheriff, he is from the future, doing a job. If he does it well, the Wild West is going to change for good. Unfortunately not everyone is satisfied with the expected result, they want the West as Wild as it is. And they have better gadgets.Awake: Before William Calver had an accident and fell into coma, he had put a card into his wallet, allowing the doctors to use his organs to save lives. He couldnt imagine that they will use his whole body. He couldnt imagine that it will save his own life.

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