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“It’s your time to shine, Mag.”Exile means hot winds. Dust and desert sand. A desperate need for water...and crossing kilometers of wasteland to find it. And then, in order to get those life-giving water packs and well diggers, sneaking past the armed guards of the district.Magnet, determined to shine bright and prove trustworthy to their leader in exile, takes along brand-new recruit Tie on a mission for water on an insufferably hot day. Only they set out too late, and realize their many mistakes even later.And now, trusting those once exiled could mean the end of their life. But then, trusting anyone district could prove a worse mistake. Or...maybe the one opportunity for Magnet to shine bright. Either way, in order to survive, they must choose quick.Rei Rosenquist writes dark mean post-apocalyptic science fiction that takes characters to the edges of their limits and you to the furthest edges of your mind as you tear through the pages.

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