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“This story was amazing! I adored every word from start to finish and it’s now a treasured part of my collection”RachelWhat if you could play the game forever?Georgia Glass, user name Sasha, is an anti-social, gifted game design student about to have her dream come true; she’s been employed to be a beta tester for new hardware and software that will revolutionize the gaming industry. Georgia’s glad to escape her real life. “I’d give anything not to go back out. Log me in permanently, please Game Master.”Then a bug attached to the quest they accepted sucks the beta testers’ consciousness into the game... and they cannot logout. Georgia is trapped. But they won’t be able to remain in the fantasy forever, not knowing how long they can live disconnected from their bodies.The only way out is a portal at the end of the game. Can they complete the quest when the virtual world is determined to kill them?

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