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A wormhole to another galaxy in your cupboard? What could possibly go wrong? As far as her family is concerned, Dot doesn’t have a friend in the world. What they don’t know is that you don’t have to be in your own world to make friends. Of course, that’s if you consider alien beetles, rodents of Einsteinian intelligence, and genetically altered taxi-drivers to be suitable friends for a twelve-year-old girl? When the strange goings on in her coat cupboard lead to Dot meeting T’Chi, from the planet Scarabos, she discovers that humans aren’t the only ones who think they own planet Earth. Can Dot, with the help of her unlikely allies, travel through the Omnitube and find a way to stop the insane Dr Greeg from rebooting her planet? Can she escape the ferociously hungry Vezpasaur or the repulsive Phluphi Kitys? Can she really trust Prince Rauffe or figure out how to play Pteraball? Can she find something to eat other than maggotini lasagne and barkburgers? Beyond The Coat Cupboard is the first novel in R. J. Sayer’s Sci-fi Omnitube Adventure series, a hilarious romp through space, time and dung. This book is a wacky, roller-coaster ride featuring electro-weapon shoot-outs, super-strong aliens, genetic experiments and frequent jokes about bodily functions. If you like Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, and Steve Cole then this should be your next read! Buy yourself an intergalactic travel pass through the Omnitube today!

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