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In the 26th century the last person on Earth wrote the epitaph for humanity. "Greed and stupidity came to rule our world. We all thought we would survive it. We were wrong." Then an alien entity representing the Continuity intervenes by manipulating events in time to change the outcome. The Continuity is a universal civilization based on the premise that the individual is paramount to the optimum evolution of the whole. Conversely, failure to meet the needs of the one is a failure to us all. This is the story of three men. The first, Hayden Parks, a man of great success who responds to the siren call of an alien. The second is Raven Prophet, who's temporal existence was accidentally separated into discrete individuals and spread through nearly a million years. And the third, Julian Cauldwell, is a self admitted failure at life until he is recruited by Prophet to help save humanity from extinction. Each will begin separate odysseys through time that will change the future of humanity. Then came the Jiop, a very xenophobic species. And they had a far different plan for the Earth.

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